Goddess Wisdom

WHAT’S YOUR SUCCESS RATE? A grant writer's “success rate” depends on both the grant writer's professional skills and the organization's readiness to submit the proposals in the first place. We help you to avoid common mistakes and to put your best case forward. We know for certain that your success rate increases when you heed the advice of a seasoned professional. Over time, you should achieve an overall 66% success rate when your organization invests in building relationships. Funding for Good has a good blog article on this subject.

KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. Do not write proposals simply to please the exec or a board. We worked with an administrator who refused to allow us to tell the federal agency their story — that their facility was built by volunteers who had dropped beer bottles between the cinder blocks in lieu of rebar. He was afraid of how their department would be perceived by the public. They didn't get the seismic retrofit grant. He was fired shortly thereafter. Inside Higher Ed has a good advice on this subject.

THE MORE YOU MICROMANAGE THE MORE MISTAKES YOU MAKE. At first this seems counterintuitive. Once a consultant realizes that a client likes to find mistakes, they will leave them to be discovered. After all, why do our best work if you are going to second and third guess it? If you alone had the best approach to every task, you wouldn’t require the services of a professional. Entreprenuer helps you diagnose yourself.